January 22, 2011


Most of these are stand-alone projects from years past that exist on the old version of my site. The design is a carefully crafted nest of tables, lovingly placed on a repeating starry background reminiscent of a night sky. One of these days, I may fix that, but in the meantime, here they are, in all their raw early ‘aughts glory:

  • Killing the Mood
    A quixotic, ill-advised, unheeded plea to save the English language’s least useful grammatical mood. You can help!
  • Oh, Canada!
    The terrifying true story of an unsuccessful attempt to penetrate the wilds of the Great North (i.e., Toronto). We went to Maine instead.
  • SweatersTM
    A game of SweatersTM is like a game of Chess. Except with a good deal less strategy and a good deal more stylishness. Watch me and Ben duke it out in an exciting battle of wills pullovers.
  • Archive
    Or, hell – you could just check out the whole site! There are plenty of great music videos and other stuff to keep you occupied.

There are a number of other projects from my near and distant past dotted around the Web. Some are even (technically) ongoing! Here are a few of the good ones.

  • Peep This Diary
    This is an actual 17th-Century blog, insofar as such a thing can be said to be an actual thing. Which, now that I think about it, it probably can’t, really. But it’s as close as anyone in the 21st century is likely to get. (A collaborative project with Sean and Patrick.)
  • AntParty United
    An updated, reverse-chron archive of my road-trip blog from 2003. It includes exciting accounts of run-ins with the law and near-death experiences, as well as less-exciting accounts of extremely lengthy drives. (A collaborative project with Jan and other Patrick.)
  • Neu Neu Kritker
    New Criticism for the modern era. Modernist criticism for the Postmodern era? We’re still ironing out the details. (A collaborative – and currently much-neglected – project with Patrick.)
"All significant truths are private truths."
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Once the executive branch of a thriving government, I am now a lonely wanderer, floating rudderless on a sea of discontent. Or a swamp. A swamp of malaise. A slough of despair, bitches. Rudderless.